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RTX: Rising Talent of Xavier is a captivating talent show spotlighting the diverse skills of Xavier's students. From dazzling performances to awe-inspiring acts, RTX is a showcase of creativity and talent within the Xavier community.



At Xavier, Holi is a vibrant celebration of colors and unity, where students come together to revel in joyous festivities, spreading cheers across the campus.


+2 Graduation

At Xavier's +2 graduation, students receive their degrees, marking the end of their academic journey and the beginning of new adventures with a grand celebration.



Xavier’s Under 19 Inter college Basketball Tournament is a thrilling showcase of young talent, where college teams compete in fast-paced matches. With electrifying plays and passionate fans, it's a celebration of athleticism and sportsmanship, uniting players and spectators in the love of the game.



Xavier International Model United Nations, is a prestigious event where students simulate diplomatic discussions and debates on global issues. It provides a platform for young minds to engage in issues from international perspectives.

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