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Choosing Xavier International College was one of the best decisions I've made. The friendly atmosphere and welcoming faculty made me feel right at home. They encourage us to think critically, ask questions, and explore different perspectives. The extracurricular activities are diverse, allowing me to pursue my interests and discover new ones. I got opportunities to build up my self – confidence and they helped me boost up my public speaking as well. I'm grateful for the well-rounded education I'm receiving, preparing me not just for college but for life. I am very proud to be a Xavierian.

Smriti Kumari Rauniyar
Grade: 11 Sec: SD 41

Xavier is a really facilitated college with all sorts of facilities and accommodations in labs. The studying environment is peaceful. The campus is vibrant, with a diverse and inclusive community that fosters intellectual growth and cultural exchange. This college is best for study time. I became highly influenced by the code of conduct and the best environment which I experienced in this college.

Rekha Rawal
Grade: XI Sec: SD 49

After my SEE I was in a dilemma about which college to choose and some people recommended Xavier International College. Then I decided to visit this college and finally, made the choice to enroll in this college. I can say that I am proud of my decision to choose this college for my future. All thanks to Xavier that has made these two years of my college life memorable. I will never regret choosing Xavier International College. This college conducts various programs like RTX, vermicompost program, quit \contest, and Basketball competition for the overall development of Xavierians. Thank you!

Sajani Khadka
Grade: 11 Sec: SD 41

Choosing Xavier International College was one of the best decisions I've made. The peaceful, positive atmosphere and welcoming faculty made me feel very comfortable. I never thought learning could be so exciting until I enrolled in this high school. The teachers here have a knack for making even the most complex subjects engaging and understandable. Thanks to Xavier, I feel confident and ready to embark on a successful career in my chosen field.

Bipana Tiruwa
Grade: 11 Sec: SD 44

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