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Global Learning Opportunities

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Global Learning Opportunities

Asian Science Camp Participation:
The Asian Science Camp is a prestigious international event that brings together the best and brightest science students from all over the world. Xavier International College students who participate in the camp have the opportunity to interact with Nobel Laureates and world-class researchers, attend lectures, and participate in student master classes. This participation allows them to broaden their knowledge and skills in science and develop relationships with other young scientists from around the world.

Highest Number of Participants in ASC and Olympiad from Nepal:
Xavier International College has a proud record of sending the highest number of participants from Nepal to the Asian Science Camp and the International Olympiad. This achievement speaks to the quality of education and opportunities provided by the college. The participants are selected through a rigorous process based on their academic performance and potential, and are provided with the necessary support to prepare for these prestigious international competitions.

International Olympiad:
The International Olympiad is a world-renowned academic competition that provides a platform for students to showcase their skills and knowledge in science, mathematics, and other disciplines. Xavier International College encourages its students to participate in the Olympiad to enhance their academic and problem-solving skills, and to gain valuable international exposure.


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